Monday, April 2, 2012

Challenge #2 - Short-term & Long-term Goals

Here is the 2nd challenge from the April Platform Challenge from "My Name Is Not Bob."

By the way, I should have clarified that this is a challenge all about building a personal platform. It includes great exercises related to defining who you are, what you intend to accomplish, and how you will express yourself to the world. It is really a great exercise for anybody.

So, while I list some of my short-term and long-term goals here, maybe you can think of what would go on your list.

Short-Term Goals (personal & professional) - by end of June 2012 (unless otherwise noted)
· Record a series of reflections about implementing a new formative, student-guided, assessment system in my classes (which can serve as a "pilot" of a system to replace traditional grading).

· Write a guide for facilitating a student-run peer tutoring program at middle schools.

· Share my learning with faculty & staff from the “Beyond These Walls” experience.

· Lead a team of stakeholders (teachers, students, parents, administrators, etc.) through a process of shaping culture on a campus based on a few basic expectations.
· Apply and interview for an Asst. Principal position.
·Start a community service effort with my niece and other teenagers.

·Maintain blog with at least two entries a week.

·Volunteer at the Special Olympics.

·Lose 12 pounds.
·Submit at least 3 article queries (by end of summer).

·Start three new simple churches (by the end of summer).

·Read at least 15 more books (by end of this year).
Long-Term Goals 

· Rest in God's love and never again try earning it by being religious!

· Be out of all debt!

· Get published!
·Participate in radical reform of institutional Christianity and public education!

·Travel with my wife! (Give her the vacation of her dreams.)

·Watch both of my girls become whole, healthy women!

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