Monday, November 14, 2011

Could This be the Christ?

Here is something to consider today.  At least it has made me think over the past couple days since reading it again.  I'll be short and to the point.  In John 4, there is a famous story about Jesus having a conversation with a Samaritan woman at a place known as "Jacob's Well."  After a transforming experience of meeting the real Savior, the woman is overwhelmed and becomes a follower on the spot.  Furthermore, she is so excited and changed by the encounter that she then returns to town to tell everybody about what happened.  And that's the important part - she just told what happened and was honest about it.

Rather than telling others to believe what she believes or forcing anything on anyone, she poses a question.  Could this be the Christ?  Maybe we would do better to stop all this talk about evangelism and witnessing and programs for reaching the lost, and instead live our everyday lives with eyes and ears open to what could be the Christ at work.

And personally, what I need to work on is having that conversation out loud, with others - not just myself.  The question we could have for the world around us is simply, "Could this be the Christ?"  Allowing people to arrive at their own answers may very well bring a revival.  It did with the woman at the well.

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