Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Having the Tithe of My Life (6)

Why Even Bring It Up?  FREEDOM!!!
If this topic of tithing (or money, in general) has the potential to be so controversial, then why bring it up?  Am I doing this just to cause disagreement and division?  Is my motive to show someone is right and someone else is wrong?  Well, I certainly hope not! 

There is one reason why I want to reflect on this teaching.  It is freedom.  Notice that I have not argued that all Christians should change or stop how they tithe.  At the same time, I have also not argued that everyone who tithes should continue to do so without understanding why.  My bottom line is this:  Do what you believe God is leading you to do!  For some people, God may use the practice of a tithe to teach and shape them into what He wants them to become.  For others, He may not.  Each person has to evaluate the cause and effect of their tithing routine.  Sometimes, it is healthy and helps to advance the kingdom.  In other cases, it may actually be counterproductive and there are better ways to spread the gospel.  The point is NOT for me to tell you what to do!!!

So, the final measure at the end of the day is, Are you FREE in the TRUTH?  The truth of God and His Word can and will and does
set us free.  It is true!  We are people created to walk in freedom.  Some who tithe do so out of the freedom they enjoy; others do so out of a sense of obligation and duty.  It weighs them down.  In short, they are in bondage.  They are tied down to a rule and checklist of misunderstood discipleship.  It is not healthy or right for them to be in such a state.  Our job is to be administers of God's grace, helping people - all people - move toward the truth and set them free!
That is why I bring it up.

Keep in mind the context of my blog – “How Much Greater” we can make the world, faith and life for our children and teenagers as they grow up. It definitely matters what we teach them in terms of what we say God thinks about their money.

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