Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Abducting Jesus (8) - "Kingdom Kids" (continued)

Okay, back to my thoughts on our treatment of children and how it relates to the abduction of Jesus. My contention is frankly that we don't believe the Bible as much as we say we do. We quote it, sing it, display it, and e-mail it...but we really don't believe it in our hearts. Check out these passages from the Gospels, all directly involving Jesus Himself.

Mark 10:13-16 - Bottom line: The kingdom belongs to children! Jesus told people that they had to become like children to enter His kingdom!

Matthew 11:25-26 - Some things God has chosen to reveal only to children! And moreover, this is something that we should praise God for!

Matthew 18:1-6 - How often do we spend our time and effort trying to make children act like adults in the church? The Scriptures teach that the key is to get the adults to be like children.

Now, I know you've heard or read all these before, but really think about our practices, our church services, our youth events, etc. Do we really behave like these are true? Do we really live as though the children around us possess the Kingdom that we need to enter?

If we really practiced what we preach in regard to this topic, then what would have to change?

Let me pose a final question for you to think about: How is becoming like a child different from being childish?

Something to think about.

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