Monday, March 4, 2013

How Many Monkeys Does It Take to Mess Up a Church or School?

At the risk of this sounding like my most anti-institutional post ever, could there be a better analogy for much of what goes on in the organized church or public education than this video clip?

Seriously, if we want to see how much greater we can make the church and our schools for the next generation, then we have to stop "monkeying" around!

(Disclaimer: I am not sure what point the very end of the video is trying to make. You can ignore that part as far as I'm concerned. My point in sharing it is to focus on the analogy to our own systems and personal lives. Of course, the analogy works for the government, too, but I just don't get the imagery used at the end of this video.)

Think about the things you do at your work, church, or home, and you have no good idea as to why.

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