Saturday, January 21, 2012

Being Discipled by a Dead Man

I am going to do with this post what pastors and Christians are usually so guilty of doing. I am going to share some thoughts that I found very profound in the writings of Oswald Chambers. Rather than allow them to keep penetrating my own heart and renew my mind, I will now carry out that respected and popular practice of using that information to hopefully change other people. These come from Daily Thoughts for Disciples (a compilation of excerpts from some of his works).

(from Jan. 5) "The things that keep us back from God's best are not sin and imperfection, but the things that are right and good and noble from the natural standpoint."

(from Jan. 8) "The sign that the Holy Spirit is in us is that we realize, not that we are full, but that we are empty; there is a sense of absolute need."

(from Jan. 9) "If we say, 'I am going to believe He will put things right,' we shall lose our confidence when we see things go wrong."..."Our Lord's word believe does not refer to an intellectual act, but to a moral act; with our Lord to believe means to commit."

Wow! Lots of hard-hitting things to think about. If I ponder them too long, I end up questioning my own beliefs and level of commitment. So, it is easier to just throw them out there for others to reflect on.

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