Wednesday, March 19, 2014

My Simple Church Guide

For those of you that can't handle a church group not having a manual to address all the "big rocks" like doctrine and evangelism and leadership, here you go. This is what ours would look like.

Our Theology & Beliefs

  • Jesus is All.
  • Be willing to unlearn some things so that you can learn new insights.

Evangelism & Outreach
  • Ask and answer one question: Who is Jesus to you?

Discipleship & Ministry
  • Let the answer to the question in the previous section dictate how you live.

Church & Fellowship
  • Keep it simple!

Leadership & Service
  • The Holy Spirit is the Leader. Everyone else follows as they share in His gifts. 

    Organization & Policies
    • This section is not applicable due to no buildings, budgets, or big shots. 

    There you go!

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