Friday, February 7, 2014

Why the Golden Rule is Key to Freedom

I could pretend to be really smart and try to write about the topics to which I am going to refer here, but it is much better and easier to just defer to people who can articulate it better. That being said, for those interested, check out these two articles.

In short, the Iron Rule is about might. Bigger and stronger rules over smaller and weaker. The Silver Rule is a negative principle. It says, "Do not do unto others what you would not want them to do to you." It operates on the principle of reciprocity, and is the basis for much of the law in our society.

The Iron Rule can keep people in bondage. The Silver Rule is a step up because it at least says that we should not enslave others. However, neither of these rules prompt us to "set the captives free" if there is no harm to us.

The Golden Rule is set apart as a positively stated directive. It tells each of us to do to/for others what we would want done to/for us. Jesus issues the Golden Rule to dictate how we live because it is the rule of Love, not the rule of law. Ultimately, it requires His divine love to set people free, spiritually and physically. 

This concept of the "three rules" ties in directly with the issues related to modern day slavery because it is hard to see that we are in any way complicit in the problem. We are distanced from the anguish of human trafficking and forced labor by supply chains, business practices, policies, underground activities (even in our own backyard), and other factors. 

I know I am. 

Sometimes, it makes doing the right thing even more challenging. 

It is so uncomfortable. It is so inconvenient.

It is so Jesus

So, I pray that it will become so me.


  1. Marc~ Thank you for the eye opening info about trafficking that you have posted in the last few weeks. I am hoping to attend the discussion on 2/18 to become more informed. My motto this year is "Become what you believe" and I'm making an effort to become more aware of this issue and how I may need to rearrange my life in light of what is happening globally and in my own "backyard."

  2. So good to hear from you. I am really just learning about all this stuff myself. Much of it is new and overwhelming to me, so I am working on practical steps, like blogging, that I can take to help create a new reality around me.

    Absolutely love your motto for this year! That is a great thought. Maybe I will see you at the discussion on the 18th.