Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Measuring Success - Not Just For Jesus, But BY Jesus

Metric #6: Ministry Done FOR Jesus vs. Ministry Done BY Jesus
The fact of the matter is that humans are pretty amazing creations of God. We have tremendous intellect, strength, passion, and talent. Frankly, people can get a lot done in their own power and wisdom. Unfortunately, this is often precisely what we do.
While we often consider it a good thing to do work for God, it still leaves us able to take the credit. Even better would be to "participate in the divine nature" as the Bible says, and be involved with things that are impossible for us to take credit for.

Instead of being known as a church where people are working (which is good), what if we could be known as the church where God is working (which is best!)?
What this looks like is something each community of faith has to flesh out (literally) on their own. This one may seem a little more abstract than the other metrics, but it is still worth reflecting on. I have to question myself often as to whether I truly have my mind set on "things above" or if I am just existing on a human plane and forgetting the supernatural.

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