Sunday, January 27, 2013

Theology Produces Doxology (simple doctrinal test)

To follow up my thoughts about Neil Cole’s dichotomy involving a "Theology of SAFE" vs. a "Theology of DEATH," here is one more thing to consider about theology. I think I heard this from someone back in college and I have yet to find it contradicted. The statement is this: Theology produces doxology.

Basically, theology consists of what we know and say about God. Doxology can be described as praise and adoration of God. Simply, what we know/believe about God should lead to praise and awe if it is right.

This is a simple test. If I ever wonder if I am theologically correct (i.e. have the right view of God), then I can ask myself if my belief leads to greater worship, awe, and reverence for Him. Good, true theology always will.

If I am given two options about God, then I tend to go with the one that is more amazing and awe-inspiring. For example, did God really do all the miracles attributed to Jesus? Like healing people, walking on water, calming storms, raising the dead, etc.?? Or were they only parables and analogies to point us to a "good man" and greater wisdom?? Well, obviously the more remarkable, magnificent thing to believe would be that God can actually have that kind of control over natural things and that He did indeed exercise that miraculous power! It creates a sense of wonder and mystery and desire to praise Him. Thus, theology produces doxology.

I believe the reverse is also true. If I have a belief that causes me to be able to explain God, limit God, or somehow manipulate Him, then I can likely bet it is bad theology.

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