Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Giving Up False Starts for Lent

I wish I could give up unrealistic expectations for Lent this year. Once again, I got ahead of myself with this blogging endeavor. I call it another "false start." I easily become overly ambitious and then get fed up with myself when I don't meet my own unrealistic expectations. Okay, so I am learning.

Realizing that I need adequate time to prepare while balancing too many other things, how about I just give up the practice of making promises that put me in a box and only produce more self-induced guilt? No guarantees of blogging three days a week, or even once a week. No schedules or themes to keep up with. We see how February went after I made a commitment like that! Ironically, the freedom to write and reflect whenever I can may be the fuel that helps me do it more often.

In track, the first false start is usually "charged" to the "field," so I am hoping to get away with that this time. Here we go again!

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