Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Professional Goals for 2012

In addition to personal and family goals for the new year, here is my list of what I want to accomplish in 2012 professionally. Now, of course, I hope to get a new job and have published articles and help students be successful. And I certainly desire to see those things happen as a result of my actions, but what follows is a ("working document") list of only those things that I have control over. So, I take responsibility for carrying out these objectives:
·         Implement a new formative, student-guided, assessment system in my classes (which can serve as a "pilot" of a system to replace traditional grading)
·         Begin a “math academy” for parents at RBMS
·         Supervise an effective student-run peer tutoring program at RBMS
·         Share my learning with faculty & staff from the “Beyond These Walls” experience
·         Participate in implementing the “Four Expectations” on my campus
·         Apply and interview for an Asst. Principal position
·         Submit at least five article queries by June
·         Maintain “How Much Greater” blog with at least two posts per week
·         Read 30 books and write reviews on at least 20 of them (just finished one, and yes, I'm counting it!)
·         Write a simple church orientation/guide for use by groups in our area
·         Speak at least five times to churches/groups
There will be much involved in the process behind making many of these things happen. I need to work hard, and listen to, and learn from, many others along the way!
Happy New Year!

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